stress related hairloss,does it grow back ?

gazbot Asked: stress related hairloss,does it grow back ?

O.k i am 23 years old and recently i have been under a massive amount of stress to the point where i have no been able to relax atall.My mind is constantly racing at 1000mph.I thought the best idea to cure my stress was to go to the gym.i have been going steady for almost 2-3 month,during this time i have noticed my hair is really thin.I haven`t had a haircut for 3 month because i am scared my scalp will be vi sable through my thin hair.When i go for a shower and dry my hair off there is a large amount of hair on the towel.I am aware humans lose between 50-100 hairs a day but this has never been like this.I would like to know if my hair will grow back to its previous thickness when i get through this stressful period in my life as this problem is causing more stress.


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